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About us

The Sultan brand was developed in the vision of the Romanian consumer through the safety of the quality, healthy lifestyle and responsiveness to market needs.

 The first steps of Sultan brand in Romania materialized with the start of the business activity of Sahprod Meteor in the year 2001. Being a member of the group of firms Meteor Turkey, the company is located in the Filipeştii de Padure, Prahova county, having as main activity, the production of tomato paste and ketchup. The location has an area of 3850 square metres and has a production line of tomato paste and ketchup.

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The quality of our products is guaranteed by analysis bulletins issued by accredited laboratories

SC Sahprod Meteor values its customers, always putting the quality of products and respect for people at the forefront.


Traditional Recipes

Stuffed cabbage in clay pot with tomato paste Sultan, browned in the oven

Whether they are for fasting or not, cabbage rolls cooked in the clay pot have a special flavor! And not only cabbage rolls can be cooked in such a pot, but also steak, vegetables and minced meat, bulz, stew, sauce, fried cabbage, potatoes and other traditional Romanian dishes that will please you. In the clay pot the stew can be cooked without added fat and the ingredients maintain their natural properties.

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Nutrition & Health

Tomatoes in your daily diet


Did you know that tomatoes are an important source of vital antioxidants to our body, such as the vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene - which are said to prevent cancer and other diseases? Canned tomatoes can be more nutritious than the fresh ones because they are selected when they are ripe and processed in a way which preserves all the benefits. Scientists have discovered that packaged products from tomatoes processed tomato products at heat, such as the spaghetti sauce, can provide us six times more lycopene than the equivalent amount of fresh tomatoes. This is possible because the heat used during processing destroys the cell walls, allowing the lycopene to be better absorbed in the digestive tract. It is important to know that lycopene is fat-soluble, making it to be better absorbed when it is consumed with fat. So you can add some olive oil, cheese or meat to your favourite tomato paste to fully benefit from the lycopene content.


Tomatoes help you get rid of your excess kilos


With a high content of water, tomatoes are the ideal vegetables for a perfect and healthy diet. Moreover, only 100 grams of tomatoes provide the body with half of its vitamin C, vitamin A which increases the resistance to infections, vitamins from the B complex , good to strengthen the immune system and vitamin E that limits the cholesterol sediment. Our products give you the possibility to consume tomatoes, preserved in a healthy way in any season. The Sultan tomato paste is rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and the caloric content / product is only 88kcal/100 gr.