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Quality, Continuity, Loyalty, Notoriety, Success

The Sultan brand was developed in the vision of the Romanian consumer through the safety of the quality, healthy lifestyle and responsiveness to market needs. The first steps of Sultan brand in Romania materialized with the start of the business activity of Sahprod Meteor in the year 2001.

Being a member of the group of firms Meteor Turkey, the company is located in the  Filipeştii de Padure, Prahova county, having as main activity, the production of tomato paste and ketchup. The location has an area of 3850 square metres and has a production line of tomato paste and ketchup.

Over these many years, the quality of the Sultan products was our spokesperson, gaining a favourite place in the consumers’ heart and mind. Our main preoccupation is to maintain this superior quality, despite all challenges and pressures which are given by the market. The company has modern production technologies and installations- two lines of production for the tomato paste, 1 line of production for the ketchup, while over the years, investments were done in order to improve the production and storing location according to the requirement standards of ISO_HACCP.

Beginning with the year 2010, S.C. SAHPROD METEOR S.R.L. obtained the certification of the Management Quality system ISO 9001:2008 and of the Safety Food Management System ISO 22000:2005. The regulations of the quality standard ISO 9001: 2008 aim to satisfy customers' demands, those of the business partners and of the legal requirements, increasing customers' satisfaction, the continuous improvement of the product quality. The Implementation of the food safety standard ISO 22000: 2005 is intended to provide safe products for consumption in accordance with HACCP principles of health legislation in force and in compliance with their own policies for food safety.

METEOR SAHPROD SRL has as main objective the maintenance of accreditation by periodic recertification, constantly improving internal interoperable system by respecting the regulations of the two standards.

Sahprod Meteor maintains and consolidates its reputation as the leading provider on the FMCG market in Romania, covering the vast majority of distribution channels developed on the European market. Thus, among our clients there are both traditional distributors and international retailers. Expanding the distribution together with the increasing market demand, it became necessary to develop an adequate logistic basis. Thus, we developed an efficient system in order to facilitate transportation of our products to partners in a suitable time.

All these premises led to the strengthening of the position as a leader on the Romanian market of tomatoes.

We would like to thank our partners for their trust within our collaboration, as well as to the loyal consumers of the Sultan brand.